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Is a Stage 3 clutch hard to drive?

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What is the difference between a stage 4,3,2 clutch? : CartalkSo I'm going to buy a 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV and it needs a clutch. I was told that I should be getting a performance clutch as opposed to …

Stage 3 clutch horror story. | IW STi ForumDec 24, 2009 — So I continued to drive my baby and everytime I would stop and go it was Changing the clutch isnt too hard. a couple of your friends and the Learning on a Stg. 3 Clutch? | Team Integra ForumsApr 8, 2004 — A stage three clutch will grab faster and harder. some friends, but they said that learning how to drive a manual with a Stage 3 is very difficult

Is a Stage 3 Clutch Hard To Drive?
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15uz6102529t2 - - - - - - - -
6121115ysx - - 66 mm - - - - -

Using a "stage 3 clutch" on daily driver - DFWstangs ForumsSep 2, 2009 — what about spec clutch stage 3 any body used one? with my light flywheel, it makes it hard to leave without chirping the tires or bogging the engine the people beside you probably think it's your first time to drive a 5speed

Audizine ForumsApr 22, 2016 — Daily Driver Clutches for Smooth Engagement on Stage 3+ BuildsWhat do Daily driving ability is still feasible but may be a bit harder of an stage 3 clutch daily driver? | DSMtunersFeb 6, 2014 — would a stage 3 exeedy clutch be way to hard to be a daily driver? It will be light enough for traffic and smooth enough for daily driving. Thom

Is a Stage 3 Clutch Hard To Drive?
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Stage 3 clutch okay for my car? | ClubWRX ForumMar 16, 2006 — Hi. So my friend screwed me over and accidentally got me an XTD stage 3 racing clutch for my WRX. It's harder to drive and involves more Here's Why You Can't Daily-Drive a Car With a Race ClutchMay 13, 2018 — That stage 3 clutch might be great for holding power, but it's not and hard launches, a race clutch features ultra-grabby material that limit's the 

Pros/Cons of a Stage 3 clutch? - Maxima ForumsIt will be harder to control the slip of the clutch on engagement, making driving on hills and in poor weather much more difficult. You will transmit more shock to the drivetrain, wearing out engine mounts and CVs faster. You will *NOT* go any faster than with the stock clutchIs The Spec Stage 3 Clutch Kit Good For Daily DrivingJul 17, 2007 — I am getting my spec stage 3 clutch kit with new slave and master cylinger from gm for an 02 trans am with my stock flywheel just re surfaced 

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